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Beaches in India, Explore the best and Famous beaches

The Indian coastline is one of the longest in the world with some breathtaking visuals, credit for which goes to the Bay of Bengal on the East coast, the Arabian Sea on the West coast, and the Indian Ocean on the Southern coast. As much of India is enveloped by the sea and the ocean, it is endowed with some of the most diverse assortment of incredible beaches that offer everything from solitude to fun-filled parties to adventures.

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Comparing attributes of both Lumion and V-Ray

There is no question that PreDesign in SketchUp Pro 2021 is one of the most exciting features that Trimble blazoned on their website. Any designer or architect will find SketchUp's PreDesign feature to be one of the most effective and attractive features of the software. In a PreDesign feature, engineers and developers are given the opportunity to test drive their creation before it starts taking shape in the real world, sort of, in a virtual world.

How are Singly Reinforced Beams and Doubly Reinforced Beams different?

The longitudinal reinforcement in the tension zone of a singly beam determines its strength. Concrete sections in beams handle compression forces. Distinguished from single reinforced beams, double reinforced beams consist of steel reinforced in both the tension and compression zones. When headroom considerations or architectural considerations limit the depth of the beam, this type of beam will be essential.

What Is 5D BIM And Its Benefits

5D BIM demonstrates completely valued parametric building components inside a virtual model in real time. With 5D BIM, it is possible to generate models which show how modifications with materials, layouts, square footage and other design elements influence the display of a facility as well as the cost and schedule of construction (dimensions four and five). It’s similar type of Macro BIM, a technology that is used by estimators to model facilities at the initial phase of design.